Friday, March 13, 2009

Wednesday 3-11-09 Art Card Donation

My card for this weeks Stampadoodle donation was a lavendar and purple handmade paper decorated with a black leaf ribbon and three copper birds. They saying on the inside reads: When you are out on a are alone, I'll be there for you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yellow Ducks at the Home and Garden Show

Sunday afternoon we went to the home and garden show in Lynden. Last year at this time we were looking at fireplaces and ideas to remodel the study. This year we were just window shopping and browsing.

We ran into quite a few people we knew who were also wandering up and down the aisles to see what to put on their wish list.

Ryan works for Bellingham Hot Tub and was working at their booth Sunday. We stopped by to say hi before we left and I became the proud owner of a yellow rubber ducky Ryan was handing out to potential customers.

And of course when we left it was beginning to snow and the temperature was dropping fast.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Larry

My wonderful, sweet, romantic husband turned sixty-eight today. I made a card for him and included a list of 68 reasons why I love him. Happy birthday Larry.

Why I love you

1. because you love me, forever and ever, body and soul
2. because you love me more today than when we met
3. you are my best friend
4. you are romantic
5. you are always there for me
6. you are my hero
7. you are my lover
8. you are a great person
9. we are perfect for each other
10. I can talk to you about everything
11. you are faithful
12. you are trustworthy
13. you never give up on me
14. you love my children
15. you are a great father
16. you love my family
17. you give me freedom to be me
18. you encourage me to do whatever I want
19. you never give up on me
20. you make me laugh
21. you don’t laugh at me
22. you are my world
23. we share dreams for a future
24. I can’t imagine life without you
25. I love it when you call me
26. you let me sleep in
27. you fix me coffee
28. you love my cat (I know you do)
29. I love doing things with you
30. I love it when you hold me
31. I love it when you kiss my neck
32. you give me yellow roses
33. you go beyond the ordinary and give me gold plated roses
34. red roses for valentines, birthdays, and anniversaries
35. chocolates
36. I can just be me
37. you love my art
38. I can always depend on you
39. you defend when I need it
40. you take care of me when I am sick
41. you try to make me smile when I am sad
42. I love the way you kiss me
43. you like to hold hand
44. you are a great cook (when I let you)
45. you bought a Harley, not an airplane
46. you keep me from being scared
47. you have great dreams you share with me
48. you smile when I get silly and dance
49. you never stay mad at me
50. even when I am wrong, you are there for me
51. no one will ever love me like you do, and that makes me love you more
52. I come first in your life
53. you love me when I’m grumpy
54. you watch chick flicks with me
55. you don’t laugh at me when I cry
56. you don’t get mad when I have a different opinion
57. you understand me
58. you spoil me
59. you think about me when we are apart
60. you make a difference not just to me but everyone in your life
61. you helped me heal from my accident
62. you taught me to love
63. you showed me that real men are loving, kind, and gentle
64. you given me a new life, a second chance at life and love
65. you will never leave me
66. I can just be me
67. I found true love when I found you
68. I love you, just he way you ae
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