Thursday, April 07, 2011

Carol Ann - her crown

Back in January when I was visiting my daughter Kelly in Las Vegas, I was playing on Larry’s new computer that I took with me.  I like to check out and read about other artists, read my email, check into facebook and see what everyone is doing, and I play several games on FB with friends.

One night Cecile posted that the first five people who replied to her post and were willing to repost to their own FB page, would receive a handmade gift from her sometime within the coming year.  I wanted to do this but I had to think about if I really had the time to commit to this.  A year!  Okay, sure, I will make time and this will be fun, even if I don’t have a clue as to what I am going to

I clicked on Cecile’s post and then reposted to my FB page.  I had three takers quickly.  Carol Ann who I only know as one of my FB friends but gave support and encouragement when my grandson was born premature was my first post.  She is funny, determined, and from the comments I read from those who truly know her, she is a friend to treasure--and I do.  Cecile herself posted back to my page and I have known her since our children were very small.  She is a caring and talented individual and
we recently re-connected on FB.  Sherri was my third post and we refer to each other as cousins because it is easier to explain than her mother is my aunt’s sister. 
I sent Carol Ann, Cecile and Sherri a note asking some simple questions that would help me personalize each of their art pieces when I got back to my studio and figured out what I would be making for them.
1.       Favorite color
2.       2nd favorite color
3.       Hobbies
4.       Favorite word
5.       Favorite quote
6.       Describe yourself in 5 words
7.       Favorite city
8.       Children’s names
9.       What is your lucky number
10.   What colors do you hate

What to make?  I browsed through my files looking for ideas.  Finally I decided on crowns.  Carol Ann’s favorite colors are celery green and turquoise.  She likes to sunbathe, read historical romance novels, swim, cross stitch, cheer for her beloved LSU “Geaux Tigers” and the New Orleans Saints with their Flur De Leis symbol.  She has one son, JC, does not like orange, brown, or magenta, her favorite number is 13, and  she is sensitive, loyal, caring, outgoing, and funny.  “What Ever”   This is her favorite saying. 

I made a pattern, painted it, altered it, changed it, papered it, and finally I had a turquoise base that I liked.  Now it was time to embellish.  Authentic vintage 1960’s purple Mardi Gras beads from New Orleans, a black glittered Flur De Leis in the center of the crown and fabric Flur De Leis trim to honor the Saints, gems, rhinestones, a handmade miniature mask for Mardi Gras, red lips to symbolize romance novels, and the song title, "Oh When The Saints Go Marching In".  This adorned one side of the crown.  The celery green side had had handmade fabric flowers, metal and felt #13, a pink felt bird with real feathers, miniature voodoo doll, initials for Carol Ann and her son, and “Geaux Tigers.”

I researched the meaning of numbers, symbols, words, colors, and then included everything in
a poem I wrote for Carol Ann:

Gorgeous, glorious, and glittering
Don’t know
Don’t care
I’m not listening
It’s not worth my time
I’m bored
I’m tired
I’m done
She roars like a tiger “Geaux”
Protective of her cub
Jackson Charles
Living in the romantic south
A belle without a bonnet in the sun
Leaving you in stitches
She’s New Orleans royalty
A “fleur-de-lis” lily
Full of hope and joy
Constant, loyal, fair and generous
Carol Ann
Her name is a song on eagle’s wings
Soaring with nimble fingers
Tending her farm
An ethereal friend
Powerful and poised like a dragonfly
Living life with a deeper meaning
You are Carol Ann
Daughter, wife, mother, friend
A queen who deserves a crown

Three weeks after I started the crown I mailed it off by FedEx to Carol Ann.  One down, two to go. 
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