Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Michael

Steps to the Future

Stand Tall

Stand Steady

Both feet firmly planted

You can see it all

Secure and safe

Grounded in what is

As you lift your foot

To step higher

You won’t lose your footing

But now you must balance life

Before that foot touches down

Many changes will take place

The heart may cry out

Your mind may sting with decisions

Comfort is gone

The list is in shreds

And even when that foot finds solid ground

Higher ground

Before you level out at a new plane

You must raise the other foot

And do it all over again

Just remember

To grab hold of the railing

Those who love you

Care about you

Arms out stretched

To brace you

Support you

To push you onward

To keep you going

Making new lists

To reach higher

Dream bigger
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