Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mothers Day 2007

Kelly is in San Diego on her way home to Las Vegas. Michael is in New York City and flying home to Washington tomorrow. Jim and Heather are in California. My mom is in California. Its mother’s day and I’m home alone.

Pastor Bob had a wonderful Sunday morning service about Mothers Day and at times it brought me to tears. All I really wanted in life was to be a mom. I worked but I wasn’t what you call a career person with the college degree and the drive to be vice president of marketing. I worked because I needed the money but most of the time I worked because I needed the friendships I found in my places of employment. My real job, the one that meant everything to me was being a mom.

My kids are perfect because they are my kids, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. Larry would call that practically perfect. I cried when I found out I was pregnant with each one of them and rejoiced in caring for them in my womb for nine months. I counted fingers and toes and stared at them for hours after they were born, beautiful babies and they were mine. Jim, Michael, and Kelly are each unique and each special. Each different than their siblings and yet they are so similar in so many way. Best friends and bitter enemies at times with each other and then the times they would band together against me if they thought I had wronged one of them.

I wouldn’t trade one day of motherhood, even the bad days for anything else in the world. I loved it when I could kiss my babies and make their skinned knees or elbows feel better. A hug could make their world seem brighter and “I love you” when they went out the door let them know I really did love them, even if the door slammed because they were mad at me. It’s hard to really remember bad times, because there were always so many more good times, times we laughed just being silly, sharing stories, their first days of school, first report cards, learning to drive, their first car, first girlfriend, first boyfriend, graduation from high school, and when they each left home.

It wasn’t until I had an empty nest that I truly understood how much my mother loved me and my siblings. She loved us enough to let us go, knowing in our hearts wherever she was we would be home. Each of my children called to say happy mother’s day and tell me they loved me. I called my mom to tell her how much I loved her and missed her.

The circle of love unbroken between a mother and child even miles apart no matter what the age.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Candie...she is as sweet as her name sounds

When the mention of chocolate doesn’t sound good you know you are really sick. I came home from my wonderful mother/son weekend sick. Nothing my husband Larry could fix for me or do for me helped. I coughed and sputtered, I mumbled and grumbled, I drank hot tea until I couldn’t take another sip of any flavor

Before I left on my weekend adventure we had a new mattress delivered with fifteen inches of snuggly, comforting, softness. But I can’t sleep lying down because the cough begins immediately so I have been sitting up on the sofa trying to sleep night after night. I know I’m whining, I’m sick; I’m allowed.

After four days of being sick my friend Candie arrived to relieve Larry of the cooking duties and cheer me up. She brought a wonderful beef and vegetable Gypsy soup she said would make me feel better--and it did, and there was enough for several days. In the many bags she arrived with were whole grain rolls, vegetables and chips with salsa dip, fresh fruit, strawberry shortcake, cereal bars, and blueberry muffins for breakfast. Candie had thought of everything. The best part was seeing her smiling face.

Candie never does anything small, plain, simple, or unadorned. Candie embellishes life as she does her scrapbook pages and art. In addition to the food, she came with a special treasure bag of goodies to cheer me up. First item in the bag was a horse bridle. How cool is that? I smiled and laughed for the first time in days. Next there were fabric samples, vintage beads in little glass vials with cork stoppers, ribbons, miniature books, wooden boxes, cowboy charms, vintage pearls in the original package, metal alphabet tiles, and retro inspired tissue paper.

The next day I did feel a little better and today better still. I’m going to need that Gypsy soup recipe, but the best medicine was a friend who not only took the time to make dinner but embellish it with the delivery of such thoughtful gifts.

I am lucky to have my life embellished with Candie as a friend.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mothers Day Came Early

April 27th, 28th, 29th

On Friday evening I departed for the Keystone Ferry headed to Port Townsend with my son Michael. We were going to join his friends Kevin, Bret, and Cameron and their moms for the inaugural mother/son weekend.

Originally we were going to Leavenworth but the pass had been closed due to snow and wasn’t scheduled to be open for another two weeks so the boys changed plans. You know what they say about the best laid plans, there’s always room to change them again.

We had to wait for a second ferry crossing because the first was full. Time to stretch our legs and get into the peanut butter cookies I had packed in the trunk. We listened to music and talked.

We arrived at 8:30 PM about 15 miles out of Port Townsend on highway 101. Dinner was almost ready and I was so hungry. Kevin’s mom had a family emergency and Cameron’s mom had to work and Cameron couldn’t join us until Saturday morning. So it was Bret, his mom Mimi, Kevin, Michael, and me to laugh and talk around a table of good food, spaghetti with our choice of red sauce or Alfredo sauce, foccacia bread, salad, a glass of wine, and a wide assortment of goodies we all brought to share.

The Condo we were in could sleep 8 so we had more than enough room. Mimi cooked eggs and bacon for everyone in the morning and Bret brought Starbucks coffee to share and took charge of brewing the perfect pot. Cameron was going to arrive at 12:30 PM so we timed our trip into town to meet him. Well, we arrived early enough to buy more coffee.

Bret works for which is part of Starbucks. He loves his job and I see him moving up in Starbucks management. He is passionate about music so he is in a job that provides a living, allows him access to more music than you can ever imagine, and loves living in Seattle.

Kevin works for a major cruise line. He trains personnel to drive the busses in Alaska that take passengers on the land tours. While he enjoys what he is doing and has great perks, he is trained in the arts and that is where his passion is. Expect him to take his management skills to the art world one day.

Cameron was one Michael’s first friends I met when we moved to Washington. He has worked in real estate, selling and leasing and now works for Wells Fargo. Cam is probably the one who will wind up the real estate mogul since he seems to understand the ins and outs of both worlds and likes to dabble in both. I will be able to say I knew him when.

Michael works at St. Joseph’s in a management position running the Lifeline Medic Alert program. He also has set up his massage practice and has resumed business in his free time. Michael is still exploring his options as to what he wants to do in the future but living life as fully as he can in the present. This weekend he is off to Boston for a conference.

We walked through the charming little town of old brick and cement buildings designed with ten and twelve foot ceilings and the little shops that now hold boutique gifts, toys, kitchen wares, wine, art, and ice cream. The rain was gone and even though there was a breeze that made us glad we had jackets on, the sun felt really wonderful. We found a wonderful little pub to have lunch and before checking out all the other shops and heading back to our motel in Port Townsend. Several of us took a nap and the rest found the hot tub. Mimi knew a Thai restaurant and the food was wonderful but not as wonderful as watching Michael and his friends laughing and having a great time.

We went back to the hotel and Mimi and the boys played games and I had to leave the group as I was a little under the weather. I was still quite sick the next morning and sent everyone off to breakfast to a little place that was serving stuffed French toast. Everyone split up and Michael picked me up at the motel and we headed home.

So I missed out of some of the activities and I really missed not meeting the other mothers. I’m already looking forward to next year and where we are going. Thanks to Bret, Cam, Kevin, and Michael for such a thoughtful way to honor your mothers.

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