Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Night Out

No sleep for the wicked. Friday my car needed a 30,000 check up and since it takes all day, I was again on the road at 7:30 AM. No I am not going to tell you all about what was done to my car, just that I had to get up early for the third day in a row. It was nap time when I got home so that I could be ready for an evening out.

Any preconceived notions about who Harley people are should be thrown out the door. We went to the Mt. Baker Theater for the Bellingham Chinese Culture Festival Concert. What does the festival have to do with Harleys? Well Vern and Lilly own a Harley and they both were on the planning committee for this very first event in Bellingham. They are both former employees of a large aeronautical company and moved to WA several years ago.

Vern builds custom furniture in his spare time and volunteers his business skills with a number of organizations. Lilly teaches Chinese classes at WWU, WCC, and SCC. Behind Vern’s slow Wyoming drawl is a very successful businessman. Lilly is outgoing, smart, and a wonderful cook in her spare time.

Put these two together and they are a team with the skills to help other community members bring a quality concert to our little city that featured a number of outstanding musicians and actors in a three and a half hour presentation. Mt. Baker Theater holds 1,500 people and it looked like the house was full. The WWU orchestra performed traditional Chinese music, special guests from China, Vancouver B.C., Seattle, and local children’s groups wowed the crowd. Some of these musicians are renowned internationally.

It was a fun evening out with my wonderful husband and a great way to support friends.

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