Wednesday, March 15, 2006

21 years of life changing moments

I am preparing to leave for Las Vegas to visit my daughter Kelly and celebrate her 21st birthday. She moved to Las Vegas last August to attend UNLV. She works two jobs besides a full load of classes at college and Larry and I are so proud of her for all that she has accomplished.

I wasn’t thrilled about her moving out. It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to go out into the world and be successful; I was going to be an empty nester. For twenty-seven years I have had three children in and out of the house and all their friends. I love being a mom-- PTA meetings, sports practices, school plays, teaching them to read and later to drive, field trips, late night home work, and parent conferences. Good days, bad days, I wouldn’t trade my time with my children for anything. Now I am left with a dog and a cat to baby. It’s just not the same.

My husband, Larry, worried about me after Kelly left. My son Michael who lives near us calls more often and we have lunch when I get to town by lunch time and my son Jim checks in on me with weekly calls. My mom said she knew exactly how I felt and said that even now when I leave after a visit that she has that same old feeling of when I was younger and moved out. It is emptiness in the house, silence. Just because the kids move out doesn’t mean you stop being a mom.

Larry is staying home to take care of the dog and cat while I go to spoil my baby for her birthday. I’ll cook little casseroles for the freezer for her to enjoy after I return home. A shopping trip or two for some birthday goodies to go with the presents I am taking her. I promised to help her hang some shelves, spray paint some candle holders, and cover a window with a privacy film.

We’ll have dinner out on her birthday and a night out on the town. I’m not sure how this is going to work. A twenty-one year old, her friends of various twenty something ages, and her older mom (I am not going to tell how old I am). Kelly will have a birthday cake from her favorite bakery and has a new birthday outfit bought. There will be digital pictures on a website to share with family and print copies to fill up scrapbook pages.

Of course Kelly shares her birthday with Ally the cat, so Larry will be at home left in charge of celebrating the cat’s 11th birthday. Who do you think is going to have more fun?

Kelly Renee…Baby Girl

I love you for who you are, unique, beautiful, giving
You have made my life fuller
I told you there was nothing you couldn’t do
Now go out into the world and make it better
Always do your best
And remember…I love you more!!!


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