Monday, July 24, 2006

Inside thoughts

Who is in my life?
By choice
By design
By circumstance
What can I live with?
And who can I live without
Family and friends
Those who hang on
Those who tempt me
I will remove
Those who cause me pain
I will forget
Those who hate me
I must forgive

Life is short
To be angry and sad
To worry and fret
To cry and wonder why

I want to love those
I hold in my heart
To nurture and care for
Savor the moments
In between visits
To remember the laughter
Until we meet again
Happy Trails to you

The babies are grown
The memories remain
The laugh and they joke
Some more than others
Some still fitting in
Some squeezing in
Some hanging on
Watching my babies
Grown with children of their own
The 5th generation has arrived
It seems like yesterday
The 1st in my doll cradle
My 1st baby playing mommy
With the same doll cradle

We watched those faded photos
Black and white, sepia tone
A video slide show
Still shots from our past
Some shocked by photos
A baby they never knew
Tears for the daughter, sister, mother
Taken from us
Like to many other relatives
Laughter at our hairdos
The clothes we thought were cool
We strolled through our family history
Our hearts breaking
Our hearts singing
All together we watched

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