Saturday, August 19, 2006

Michael's graduation

Today our son Michael graduated today from the Human Services Program at Western Washington University with his Bachelor of Arts degree.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to walk down the aisle in a cap and gown but the look on my face, a little pleading, and he gave in.  He did admit several weeks ago that he was glad I had pushed him to go through the ceremony but told me I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone or remind him that he said this.  Shhh……  When he arrived today and found all his classmates from his department and his professors his smile became wider as he greeted and hugged everyone he knew.

My husband Larry is the former Dean of Education at WWU and after serving in another capacity as an administrator for WWU he has returned as a full professor.  So to surprise Michael he arranged to walk in his cap and gown with the other professors to honor Michael and his achievements.  Michael and Larry have a special bond.  Michael was saying two and three syllable words almost as soon as he got past the basic momma and no words as a toddler.  So Michael and Larry have these great discussions using the English language to its fullest.   Written class papers and term papers were always interesting when Michael asked Larry to read his work, give his opinion, and then the discussions began.  

Michael worked part time like a lot of students while going to school.  He worried about what life would be like after school was over, or least until he goes back to work on his masters.  He thinks about what life will bring him and what he can give back to others.  The impact he makes on others is the friendship he offers to all he meets, his commitment to helping others in need, and his need to reach out and make the world a better place.

As the proud mom I took lots of pictures to send to family and friends who could not be with us as we celebrated another milestone in Michael’s life journey.  

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