Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Salmon Art Project #2

This is my second year participating in the Annual Salmon at the Bay Art Show. We are given a three foot blank wood cutout of a salmon and may use any art medium we want to decorate the salmon.

My salmon is #53 and consist of thirty-nine two sided fused fabric flowers in hot pink, lime green and electric blue. The center of each flower is painted with glow in the dark paint to add that unexpected surprise to whoever buys the fish and turns out the lights for the first time. The back of the fish is collaged with paper in coordinating colors. I used three wires in the same colors to make a hanger for the fish and finished off the ends of the wire with glass beads.

Because this little fishy looks more like a 60’s Haight Ashbury flower child I went with that theme and wrote a poem about him.

You’ve heard of the types of salmon
Atlantic, Chum, King, Lake, Pink,
Silver, Sockeye, Kokanee,
Copper River, Coho, and Steelhead,
But I bet you’ve never heard of me
I’m sure you never seen my picture
When thumbing through a book
I’m a fish of a different color
A flower child with beads
The one that always gets away
And lives to swim another day
I swim to a different rhythm
Upside down and backwards
I live among the water lilies
My motto is peace, love, and flowers
Live and let live, power to the salmon
I have evolved to survive
While my brothers and sisters
Wind up on a serving platter
I’m still swimming free
To be me

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