Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Recipe for Art - the filing inside

Awakens my senses
Lets the child inside of me
Come out to play
Outside the lines
Refreshes my disposition
Like a summer shower
After a dry dusty day
Gives me a new outlook
My mind thrown open
Stirs, brews, blends, and mixes
My imagination
Full of possibilities
Nourishes my dreams
My hope and my wishes
Like the warmth of the sun
Filling the voids
With colors, textures,
Glitter and glue
Toss in butterfly wings
Funny hats, alphabets
Grunge board flowers
Sprinkled with frenzy
A dash of playfulness
Fill to the top
With abandonment
Layer it on
The more the better
Enough is enough
Except in your art
Now bake me a book
A board or a canvas
Let’s see who I am
From the outside in
And the inside out

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