Thursday, January 01, 2009

bye bye 2008 hello 2009

Larry and I spent New Years Eve day cooking.

Larry has been busy slow roasting about twenty-five pounds of pork tenderloin that he will turn into barbeque pulled pork sandwiches. I have been simmering almost four gallons of tortilla soup since Monday afternoon. We are expecting anywhere from twenty to thirty people for lunch on New Year's day.

I was going to try a new soup this year but heard so many positive comments from last year, and the fact that the two gallons I fixed last year were gone before either Larry or I could sample a bowl, helped us make decision for this year’s menu.

New Year's evening we went to Patti and Mike Hoelzles home for a party with a lot of our friends attending. We took shrimp with a red cocktail sauce, and egg rolls for appetizers, to share with the group. Lots of laughter and good cheer with people you care about is the best way to celebrate any occasion. Patti and Mike set up the Nintendo wii and several of us tried to hula hoop and quickly realized that we weren’t kids with unending energy levels any more. I haven’t seen it but know there is a picture of me on someone’s camera phone swinging my hips in simulation to using the wii hula hoop. Wonder what it will cost me to buy it back? Next several of the group played a friendly game of bowling. Patty Price said something about not being good at bowling and then proceeded to bowl a 226 game with five straight strikes. Looks like Mike and Patty P. will be shopping for a new game system soon. Larry says we will be, too.

On New Year's Day the Mt. Baker Chapter Harley Owners Group arrived at our home for the 3rd annual Frosty Fingers ride for a hot home cooked lunch about 11:00 AM. When I got up about 5:30 AM to check the tortilla soup that had been simmering for two days, I looked out the kitchen window to see a white blanket covering the backyard. Three inches of snow by morning and while most of the county was dry and clear, there was no way the bikes would make it up our road and driveway.

Everyone on bikes headed home to switch to a cage (car or truck) and soon the house was full of friends. The coffee was hot and ready and all the group had to do was serve up their food and find a place to sit down and eat. Most of the guys headed off to the newly redecorated study with the big screen TV to watch a football game. The dinning room table was full and those who really wanted to relax, kicked back in the living room. We had several kinds of cookies, chocolate covered cherries, and M&M’s for dessert, and soda for the non coffee drinkers.

What a nice way to start the New Year with good friends and good food. My new year’s resolution is really a wish, a wish for good riding weather, warm weather to ride in, and more memories of rides with nice, warm weather!

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