Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Jay arrived with a helper to begin carpeting the stairs and upper landing.  He has also measured the bedrooms so we can finish off the remodel later in the fall.  Our carpet choice made a change in how the carpet is laid so we are short three steps of carpet and will be a day or so behind until more carpet arrives.  Jay can do part of the transition trim between rooms but we need one more small piece of laminate installed between the studio and the downstairs guest bathroom. 

Michael dropped by for a few minutes on his way from a business call to his office.  He laughed that we are still making coffee in the studio but liked that the kitchen is almost finished and we actually have stuff in the cabinets.

Bill arrived to remove a shelf high up in one of the cabinets so I can store items that we only use once or twice a year (or maybe never in our fourteen years of marriage) and they are too tall to fit anywhere else. 

I used up the remaining large size shelf liner so I need a trip to Wal-Mart or Lowe’s to buy more-- lots more.

The under counter lights have finally shipped and are due to be delivered on Monday 5-7-12.  Home Depot is sending us a gift card because of the unusual delay in shipment.

The instructions Monday were that if workers were coming they needed to call the night before so we know if we can take a vacation day and sleep in late or wake up early and be ready for organized chaos.

No call Monday night so we slept in sort of.  Larry had a lunch meeting with Kiwanis and when he returned home we headed to Canada to IKEA.  Larry hates to shop, hates to shop at IKEA, but the cart was full when we checked out and most of it was impulse, “I need that,” buys that Larry picked out.  How funny.  My must-have was fifty-nine cent tea towels for the kitchen and we did find our cabinet door pulls.  Success!  We stopped at Bobs Burger and Brew at the outlet mall in Custer for dinner on our way home. 

Bob arrived Wednesday to paint the shuttered closet doors in the downstairs closet because we had one of those rare sunny days (almost, it did sprinkle for a few minutes) and will return Thursday to install the doors.  Bill stopped by to give us an update on the cabinet piece we are waiting on.  Next week Bill will install the cabinet hardware and go through our list of little things to be finished.  We are getting close.

Wal-Mart and Lowes are both sold out of the shelf paper and the felt pads that go on the bottom of the furniture legs to help protect the floors.  There must be a lot of spring cleaning, home remodels, spruce up the old homestead type of projects going on right now.

Thursday morning I was up early to get to Lowes so I could purchase one of eighteen shop lights that was due to be delivered Wednesday night.  They have been out of the four foot length with the new smaller more efficient bulbs for weeks.  Since they will be making the older bulbs obsolete in the near future there is no point buying the cheaper version which is in stock.  Because only black fixtures arrived on the truck that is what I bought and there were only eighteen on the floor.

I arrived back to find Bob finishing up the painting but unable to mount the closet doors because the previous owner installed the hardware  too low and with the new laminate floors, the doors will need to be cut down a half inch in order to fit.  One more item for Bill to fix when we start on that bucket list of little details.

Dinner out with friends really takes your mind off being so close to being finished, but just not quite.  We laughed and joked, and enjoyed a great Mexican dinner at Chihuahuas in Ferndale.  These aren’t just friends we ride with, these are the friends who are there for you, you don’t have to watch what you say or watch your back, and they laugh with you not at you.  We are blessed.

Bill arrived Friday afternoon from working on neighbor George’s rental home which had some serious water and dry rot problems.  He was at a standstill on that job so he switched back to ours to do some of the little items.  I had a few new shelves cut and installed but Bob was not able to be on site so the closet doors are still waiting for a fix.

We waited until we thought Costco would be a little less crowded and went on our first shopping trip in months.  Not a cart full, but the essentials.  Parking wasn’t great and if we had waited maybe another thirty minutes most of the Canadian shoppers would have been gone. 

We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart for more shelf paper and the store was full of pallets with merchandise that had just arrived but not been unpacked yet.  So we still need thirteen more rolls of shelf liner and maybe tomorrow it will be on the shelves.

The forecast was for clouds and rain so no riding today.  I checked online for the shelf paper and they are already sold out except for one roll and the nearest store is Wenatchee that has it in stock, so it looks like it will be another week of waiting.  Really I am not obsessive compulsive…I have said this before but I started with a new kitchen and rather than have it look like a patchwork quilt inside the cabinets with different color shelf liners or patterns, I will wait. Larry said to just order it on-line even though it would cost a bit more…I will wait.

Sunday was a wonderful, relaxing day spent riding the back roads of Whatcom and Skagit counties with friends and stopping in Conway for lunch where we sat outside in the sunshine. Great friends and great memories. 

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