Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mother's Day

My daughter Kelly few home Thursday before mother’s day. A friend picked her up in Seattle and Kelly called on the phone laughing, asking what are these tall green things? Living in Las Vegas for the last nine months and looking at sand, rock, and brown hills had made her forget about green trees, grass, and plants.

We had some time alone before her brother Michael showed up to cook dinner for us and Jerrilynn and Haley arrived to get ready for a night out in White Rock BC. Friday we were off for pedicures before having lunch with Michael at the country club. I came home and Kelly went off to visit friends for the afternoon and a movie with Sam in the evening. Someone ask Kelly if her mom was mad because she didn’t just stay home with me. She told them no, that her mom understood, and I do. I love having her home but when you are young you want to be on the go and I know she loves me.

I never really truly understood how special Mother’s Day was until I no longer lived close to my mother and my own children were scattered. There is nothing better than being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin.

I had beautiful flowers on the table when I woke upon Mothers Day, cards from the kids and Larry, church service, lunch with my family, and a present from the kids when I got home. The sun was shining and it was a wonderful day. Jim called on Monday to say happy mother’s day because he was on duty all day Sunday. In my heart, my children are always with me and I know that they love me. Home is where the heart is.

I called my mom to tell her I love her. My mom is sweet, kind, loving, and gentle, all things God intended mothers to be. My kids will tell you she is the best cook, the best grandmother ever and they are right. My mom is not just my mom she is my best girlfriend.

Kelly flew back to Las Vegas, Michael flew off to Boston on a business trip, Jim is working and loving every minute of it, and Larry and I are leaving on a Harley trip to the Hells Canyon Rally in Baker City Oregon.

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