Wednesday, May 03, 2006


My younger son, Michael, was just hired as the coordinator of a program at St. Joseph’s Hospital. He has been working there for over a year while going to school at WWU. He will graduate in August with his BA. There is still some discussion between us as to whether he will actually walk down the aisle in a cap and gown.

Currently Michael has an evening class once a week as he finishes his BA program. In between school and work he must now hire a replacement for his part-time position and take his first business trip to Boston in May as the coordinator of his program. Michael is a service orientated person and this job allows him work with seniors and their families.

Michael graduated from high school and WCC at the same time through a program called Running Start in Washington State. Life experiences in the work force after community college and a move away from home helped him decide that he needed to return to WA and school.

Back at WCC and a year later and Michael was a licensed masseur. This helped to pay the bills but he realized it still was not the job that would fulfill him in life.

Back to school at WWU and a BA in sight, Michael can focus on his job and make plans for a Master’s degree. He is bright and loves school. His professors love him as do almost everyone who meets him.

My baby will be twenty-five in June but all grown up. I am proud of who he has become.

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