Sunday, October 01, 2006

Commitment: 60 months

My daughter Kelly has grown up and matured so much in the last year since she went away to finish her college education.  She researched and found an apartment.  Found a roommate, lost a roommate, found a new one.  She transferred jobs, found a second job, found a boyfriend, lost a boyfriend, found a new job, quit an old job.  She hit all the highs and all the lows and she survived, wiser, stronger, and smarter.

Today she bought her first new car, a 2007 black Mazda 3 iTouring model.  Her car that she drove all through high school, and Larry and I gave to her after she completed community college, has developed a chronic wallet problem.  One fix after another, so it was time to make a change.  She loves her little white car and will feel sad when she finally sells it, but the excitement she feels right now driving her new baby will overshadow any loss she feels in letting go of her old set of wheels.

She researched, planned, shopped, test drove, and researched some more to make sure she knew all about every car and the options within her price range before she made a decision.  

With school expenses, rent, food, gasoline prices that are ever climbing, and insurance she will really have to budget now.  But she is driven to prove to everyone that she can be successful in school, in her job, in her life--and Larry and I know she will succeed.

This isn’t just another step in her life, it’s a giant leap.  

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