Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lavender Wands

On Monday morning I had the chance to participate at the GRADS teen parent classroom with the students, not as an art instructor but as a student just like them. My friend Cathy came to teach a class in making lavender wands.

Cathy and Ron arrived with two huge bundles of lavender and ribbons. Cathy is an accomplished watercolorist, potter, and a number of other arts and crafts. She taught in the Seattle schools and has the patience and understanding that make her such a wonderful teacher.

The girls were excited to begin selecting their pieces of lavender and learn how to weave the ribbon. We laughed and talked and some of us, including me, realized we cannot talk and weave without making mistakes. We had to unwind our ribbons and start over if we miscounted; but that was part of the learning experience. A few of the girls were finished before others like me had even gotten started.

The lavender scent became so strong from handling it at one point we had to turn on the fan to blow the air inside the classroom outside. By the end of the class I think the scent had quieted and calmed us. It was a fun way to spend a morning and a new experience

Cathy let me take home the extra lavender because once cut it must be used right away because it starts to dry out. That night I wove several more wands to give to my family members as gifts.

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