Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kelly's 22nd birthday

Our daughter Kelly is going to turn twenty-two this week. I was in Las Vegas last year for her 21st birthday and this year Larry and I will both be with her.

She’s grown up but she will always be my baby.

22 reasons why I love you:

You are a gift from God
I love you just because you are you
You are not just my daughter you are my friend
I love you even though you said your grandmother is your best friend
Your beauty is not just skin deep
You are kind to others
You love your family
You take care of your friends
You are funny
You are honest
I love your laugh
I love you when you sing
I love you when you dance
You are stronger than you think
You are smart
You are not afraid of a challenge
You love to cook like your grandmother
You stand up for what you believe in
You love me even when I’m not being a good mom
I love that you like to watch chick flicks with me
I love you for giving me a hug in the grocery store and not caring that your friends might see you
I love your smile and your love of life

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