Thursday, April 05, 2007

Christmas again

My younger son Michael flew to California to get a used car after his was totaled in an accident. It was a quick turnaround but he did have time to see his brother Jim. Jim and his girlfriend Heather had a hard time getting their Christmas presents boxed and mailed and several didn’t make it into the mail system. Michael hand delivered the goodies and it was like Christmas allover again. We have DVD’s of the sopranos to watch and speaking of watches Larry has a new one on his wrist. There were two beautiful candle holders with bears on one and horses on the other that will be just perfect as we switch rooms around in the house and have a new lodge/western dinning room where the sunroom was.

We were standing outside admiring Michael’s new car with the trunk open while this gift unwrapping was going on. I was told to close my eyes for the last gift. I couldn’t imagine what it was. I love surprises and secretly want to know what they are, but don’t tell me or it would ruin the surprise. The drum roll please…a saddle. How cool was this, a real full size saddle with stirrups. This was one of Heather’s old saddles and she was giving it to me. This is a gift that I will always treasure as one of my most prized possessions.

Now I need a saddle rack so I have been searching for plans to build one. I’ve got an old canteen I can hang off the saddle horn and maybe I can find some chaps. I have buffalo horns that Larry bought for me a couple of years ago and bobbed wire made into a wreath.

When my kids were little it seemed that one present always got misplaced and not found until several hours after all the other presents had been opened. It was always a great joy for that child to have one more gift when they thought everything had already been opened.

Well maybe this should be a regular Christmas tradition. To get a gift after all the tissue and colorful papers have been discarded and the boxes put away.

My heart can’t find enough words to say thank you for all the gifts and thoughts behind the gifts. These were gifts given in thoughtfulness and love and with glee.

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