Thursday, May 03, 2007

Candie...she is as sweet as her name sounds

When the mention of chocolate doesn’t sound good you know you are really sick. I came home from my wonderful mother/son weekend sick. Nothing my husband Larry could fix for me or do for me helped. I coughed and sputtered, I mumbled and grumbled, I drank hot tea until I couldn’t take another sip of any flavor

Before I left on my weekend adventure we had a new mattress delivered with fifteen inches of snuggly, comforting, softness. But I can’t sleep lying down because the cough begins immediately so I have been sitting up on the sofa trying to sleep night after night. I know I’m whining, I’m sick; I’m allowed.

After four days of being sick my friend Candie arrived to relieve Larry of the cooking duties and cheer me up. She brought a wonderful beef and vegetable Gypsy soup she said would make me feel better--and it did, and there was enough for several days. In the many bags she arrived with were whole grain rolls, vegetables and chips with salsa dip, fresh fruit, strawberry shortcake, cereal bars, and blueberry muffins for breakfast. Candie had thought of everything. The best part was seeing her smiling face.

Candie never does anything small, plain, simple, or unadorned. Candie embellishes life as she does her scrapbook pages and art. In addition to the food, she came with a special treasure bag of goodies to cheer me up. First item in the bag was a horse bridle. How cool is that? I smiled and laughed for the first time in days. Next there were fabric samples, vintage beads in little glass vials with cork stoppers, ribbons, miniature books, wooden boxes, cowboy charms, vintage pearls in the original package, metal alphabet tiles, and retro inspired tissue paper.

The next day I did feel a little better and today better still. I’m going to need that Gypsy soup recipe, but the best medicine was a friend who not only took the time to make dinner but embellish it with the delivery of such thoughtful gifts.

I am lucky to have my life embellished with Candie as a friend.

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