Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy 10th anniversary

June 14th was my tenth anniversary. Some of my husband’s friends told him he shouldn’t get married again. Some of his friends told him it would never work. They thought they were his friends but they didn’t stick around to get to know us as a couple.

That’s okay because we found our own group of friends and we have had ten happy years together and Larry still has another forty years left on his contract before he gets a chance to renew it.

We met through email thanks to my sister Mary and his sister-in-law Jeannie. Weeks of emailing and weeks of phones calls and we finally met. And no it wasn’t love at first sight because we had already fallen in love. We had shared everything in emails and phone calls and all that was left was to meet face to face. We were married four months after the first email.

Every year on our anniversary Larry brings me a dozen yellow roses and a red rose for each year we have been married. It makes quite and impression on all who see him coming out of the store with this big bouquet and it is sweet. On our first year, Larry also gave me twelve yellow porcelain roses. Yellow roses are special because he sent me two dozen yellow roses before we ever met face to face.

But it doesn’t stop there. Every year Larry gives me a real rose dipped in 24kt gold. I have ten of the most gorgeous gold roses in a glass vase for all to see when they come into our living room.

I asked God to give me a husband and he gave me a not only a husband but a best friend, a man to treasure and love, truly, madly, deeply, forever and ever, body and soul.

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