Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mommy I need you!

My daughter Kelly called on a Monday night several weeks ago…mommy I need you! I am lucky to have the means, the time, and a supportive husband that said go. The only thing my daughter needed to know is that I love her and I’m going to her.

The worst part of being a mother is when your children hurt and you can’t kiss their pain away. I’d give anything to protect them but sometimes there just isn’t anything you can do but hold them and say I love you.

Saturday evening when I landed in Las Vegas it was 830 and sunny and the mood was somber. It’s only been a little over a year since my daughter battled the first stages of cervical cancer and had surgery. I only worry about her health and future.

This is another life bump in the road but feels like a boulder when you run into it. Then when you move it, what remains is a pothole and another set of complications. She worries about me and I cry for her. Someday there will only be tears of joy and only good thoughts.

On Sunday Kelly had to go to work and I went to Central Christian Church at the Summerlin campus. It’s a lot like Cornwall Church, except on the campus site the video of the service is broadcast. It is nice to have a church so close to where my daughter lives and not miss attending church when I am out of town.

Kelly took her roommates car to work since she was out of town and I took Kelly’s car. After church a chai tea, chicken Caesar salad, and a diet Pepsi and I was ready to wander around until time for dinner. I headed back to the house and visited with Kelly’s roommates children. I walked in the door and they all came running…grandma.
I headed off to Kim and Tony’s house for dinner. Kim is Kelly’s boss and she invited me over to a home cooked meal of spaghetti and meatballs since Kelly was working until 9:00 PM.

Monday…hugs, kisses, reassurance, cuddling, but not complete. Kelly will have to return for surgery. Life on hold! Nicki brought her special recipe chocolate chip cookies to share after we got back to Kim’s house. This girl needs her own bakery to showcase her baking skills and talents. Naps for everyone! Kelly requested chicken enchilada casserole for dinner so I cooked for Kim and Tony. A simple salad and a Boston cream pie for dessert.

At the end of the day it is nice to know my daughter has friends who care about her, take care of her, and watch out for her, when I am hours away from her. I won’t be able to come back for the second round of doctor appointments and surgery so her friends will be her support system, and I know they will take really good care of her.

Tuesday I took Kelly shopping to get her out of the house. Just to wander around, get something cold to drink, and meet up with her roommate Kelly.

Wednesday morning was a lazy day cuddling on the sofa watching desperate housewives, season four. We drove to Costco and indulged in pizza, polish dogs, and Caesar salads for lunch then bought a roast beef to fix for dinner (we weren’t very hungry at dinner time), and coffee because you can almost never have enough coffee.

Well I was busy getting dinner ready and peeled the potatoes and put the skins down the garbage disposal which I do at home but theirs was a little cranky and clogged up. I had the phone book out to call a plumber and the girls took the drain apart, cleared the clog and put everything back together again. Amazing how self sufficient they are. I didn’t know how to fix it. The kids went off to a Halloween party and Kelly and I spent our last night cuddled on the sofa watching TV.

Thursday morning the alarm went off and I had only allowed a half an hour to get ready. More than enough time and Kelly drives like a pro on the Vegas streets so she got me to the airport right on time. Check in, okay. Security screening, not so good. The guy in front of me used three bins for his stuff but the TSA agent told me I could only have one bin. I wore the same jeans home that I flew down in but I beeped and that meant I had have a wand circle my body (no magical fairy to grant wishes here) and then patted down. I waited, and waited, and waited some more and then after asking twice in fifteen minutes finally a woman who was too busy hand screening men’s backpacks (there were more than enough men to do this job) came to screen me. Meanwhile I’m watching my bin with my purse and my ticket, and notice my coat has been put into someone else’s bin. I asked the TSA agent and he didn’t seem to care. Finally they put my coat on top of my single bin that was now piled high and unattended.

The screener arrived and left my stuff unsecured and moved me farther away from where I could keep an eye on it. Don’t forget to wand my ears a second time because I might be hiding something in them. No I won’t take off my jewelry. If you can’t secure my purse why would I trust you with my wedding ring and bracelets? This is why I always show up at the airport two hours early.

Home to Larry, Ally the cat, and Deuce the dog.

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