Friday, November 14, 2008

The new study - 90% done

Meanwhile back at the ranch while I had to go to Vegas, our friend Bob came to our rescue to take over the painting task I left behind. He painted my cowboy dinning room several years ago in the same Ralph Lauren hunting coat red that he just put on the fireplace wall. He also started the rest of the walls and the trim work. No more dingy white, most of the brown wood will be gone, and the last of the blue in my house will be gone. Yes!!! A freshly painted, masculine, contemporary guy study is almost complete.

The drapes are now hung. A new indoor sunshade needs to be ordered. I bought a red ceramic lamp with a deep tan lampshade and the brown leather parsons chair just arrived along with the new Herman Miller desk chair. I might even make slipcovers for the parsons chair to change the look of the room once in a while. That is the girl part of the room, fabric, but heavily disguised as masculine by the colors I’ll pick out. Pillows, tables, art hanging on the walls, Harley, ducks, fish, and Larry almost forgot his “UT” University of Texas treasurers. Too late to paint the fireplace wall “longhorn orange” but we will find a place for his singing longhorn mascot doll.

Fireplace – done
TV – done
Speakers – done
Surround sound system – done
New massage recliner chair – done
New paint – done
Baseboard molding – done
Fireplace molding –looking for alternatives
New desk – ideas only
Carpet – done
Drapes – done
Art – ready to hang
desk chair - done
Area rug - done

Cost: priceless on the planning and decorating a special retreat for Larry.

The real cost: only the credit card company knows for sure.

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