Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Care Package From Home

Anyone genuinely knows me, understands that I am really all about my family. Living in Washington with my husband Larry and only my son Michael living nearby means that I am far away from everyone else that I love.

I go to California a couple of times a year to visit my mom, my sister Mary, my oldest son Jim, nephews James, big Michael, Mick, and nieces Haley, Melissa, and Samantha. I go to Vegas about once a year to see my daughter Kelly. All this is good but I still miss them more than I can say.

I also miss the homemade goodies that my mom is famous for, her fruit cobblers, fried apricot and peach pies, cakes, cookies, the casseroles, and southern sweet tea. Well today I received a package in the mail from my mom and sister. A care package for me! Okay I shared it Larry and Michael, but only because I had to. When it has been months since you have had mom’s cookies and then find three varieties packed in a box, you kind of get protective of your stash.

There was a book to read about sisters, and readers digest with an article marked to read, and at the very bottom of the box was a Harley-Davidson white hooded sweater trimmed in faux fur. Whoooo Hoooo! I wore the sweater to the Mt. Baker Chapter HOG meeting tonight.

This is what family does. They knew how much the grey winter days have gotten to me this year and decided to cheer me up and it worked.

Thanks mom. Thanks Mary. I love you both.

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