Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Wednesday Art Card Donation

I am not really an orange person, even though orange is one of the trademark colors of Harley-Davidson and we own one. I'm more the black and silver girl. Any way I tried using a color outside my comfort zone and it was the perfect color for Hooters pin attached to it.

So I have a stash of Hooters pins from Las Vegas and gave all the Ladies in the Harley group their choice of pins several months ago. So what do you do with a bag of Hooters pins? Make art of course.

I used variegated ribbon yarn woven on the front of the card with a double thickness of felt to raise the pin up and make it more prominent. I used an owl image from my art files for the inside of the card.

The outside of the card reads: Mild, Medium, Hot.

The inside of the card reads: If you're hot...who cares how old you are.

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