Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday April 11th, 2010...I'm off to see my grandbaby Kyler

It’s 7:00 AM and I just want to go back to sleep and I can’t wait to get on the plane to see my daughter Kelly, grandson Kyler, and son-in-law Kyle. The cat is pacing, demanding attention, and marking my suitcase for the umpteenth time. Ally knows I’m leaving. Downstairs the dog is siddled up as close to larry as he can get when I came downstairs. Deuce looks at me and back to Larry. He knows something is up, but unlike the cat, he hasn’t figured out what a suitcase means.

Larry drops me a the airport, helps me get my bags inside, but I then sent him home rather than wait around for security to open up. If I wasn’t so excited to get to Vegas, I could have taken a later flight and received a free ticket because the plane is over sold. Maybe on the way home it they need someone to bump, I’ll take them up on the offer.
As I wait for my plane to arrive, I see the Alaksa Airlines painted in University of Washington colors. I’m not a UW fan but my youngest son Michael will be attending UW to earn his masters in the fall of 2010.
A short thirty minute hop and I am in Seattle waiting for the second leg o fmy trip to Vegas. I slept the whole way from Bellingham to Seattle and will probably sleep all the way to Vegas. I am only hours from hlding my precious grandson. Kyler is truly a gift from God whose hand held him and cradled him in those first three months of life when he was born three months premature and just under 3 pounds. Now he is almost 16 pounds at seven months and doing just fine.
When I stepped off the escalator and looked straight ahead, Kelly and Kyler were waiting for me. Kyler smiled when I talked to him but he was so busy looking all around the airport at the lights, the advertisements, and sounds, just mezmerzied. A quick trip home and we stopped at Poppeyes on base to get Kelly lunch and a surprise snack for Kyle. We Larry will be so sad because we don’t have a poppeyes at home.
Kyle arrived shortly after did and we spent a quiet evening playing with Kyler and watching tv. I watched Kelly feed Kyler his cereal and sweep potato and then watched Kyler gave Kyler a bath. While Kelly fed Kyler is last bottle of the evening, I started a load of laundry and folded clothes.

Not the Vegas nightlife most people think of when they say I’m going to Vegas, but it’s all I need…family.

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