Monday, April 23, 2012

All quiet on the homefront

Tuesday Larry went off to his Kiwanis meeting then returned home to mow the lawn.  I told him if he mowed it, it would just grow back and it did.  It looks better and he finished before the rain started again.

I taped up the box with our fabulous five light wire chandelier and took it off to the UPS store to return it.  So sad but it just won’t work.  We have found an alternative replacement and it should be here within the week.  Worst case scenario is we don’t like and send it back and start again, best case scenario is we like it as much when it arrives as we did online.

No workers today so it is a quiet house

Yesterday I picked up the missing part to the double ovens and bought a new light fixture for the upstairs guest bathroom.  I bought a few groceries to sort of fill up the new refrigerator and then we spent a quiet evening relaxing.

Today was stocking up on paper plates and plastic utensils.  Until the cabinets are lined and I can wash dishes, which means unpacking the boxes where the dishes are hidden, we are still eating on the finest of paper plates I can buy and using heavy duty plastic forks and spoons.

Larry asked me Sunday night about cooking on the new stove and I said, “Where would the pans be?”  End of discussion.

Close but not close enough

Wednesday:  Bill and Tom came, they went, and we did too.  Tom took the cabinet parts that finally arrived, back to his workshop to get the cabinet ready to install and Bill went off to George’s growing rental house problem to try to solve all the issues at are arising there.

Larry went with Paul and Dennis to the new Cabela’s store that opened in Marysville today and I went off to art demo.

Since our house has been covered in carpet there was no real reason to have a broom in the house until we installed the new flooring.  So off to Wal-Mart I went to buy a broom, dustpan, and a new mop system. 

Larry is thinking positive and hopes by next Tuesday everything should be done.  I won’t hold my breath.

Thursday the cabinet arrived back at the house and the process of installing the last of the wall hung cabinets was completed by 5:30 PM.  Nothing has been easy in this remodel.  Simple? Not in this house.

Dinner out with friends was just what we needed.  Laughter at the end of a rainy day and for our friends only one more work day until the weekend. 

Friday: Bill is taking care of business offsite and Tom is working on the stove vent.  Bill arrived in time to fire it up and:  Houston we are ready for liftoff with the Typhoon Zephyr stove I never dreamed when I let Larry research and pick out the stove hood vent that we would need to button down the hatches before we turned it on full power.  I will probably never get past the stage II rocket firing for my down home southern style cooking with a twist to healthy no fry, lots of veggie cooking.  Larry on the other hand with Cajun, spicy, more is better steak, crawfish, meat kind of guy we might have to wear those ear muffs you see the guys at the airport wearing when they are directing planes into and out off the gates.

Tom asked if we had door handles.  No, I said, next week because we need fifty-four and we have not decided how big they need to be, at least seven to nine inches minimum and we could go as big as twelve or thirteen.  Larry has a saying “that it only costs a dime to go first class.”  I don’t think a dime is going to do it on buying all these handles even if I find something we like at a discount.

The under counter lights have not arrived yet and the island light shipped yesterday.  The stove hood has two halogen lights so I don’t think lighting is going to be a problem. 

I need to finish putting the shelving in the pantry and trying to unpack a few more boxes this weekend.  My goal is to fill the pantry and see how everything fits and then just remove items from one shelf at a time to line them with Duck Brand easy liner vinyl.  I have been stocking up, but I am sure I don’t have nearly enough.  It might be like buying boxes to pack up where I made runs to Wal-Mart thinking surely this will be enough and it never was; even the last night of boxing before the remodel started, we were at Wal-Mart.

Good thing IKEA is not close by.

Basically everything in the kitchen works, although there are a lot of details to finish.  The guys left early having accomplished installing the super-duper hood vent.

I emptied about ten boxes of food, dishes, glasses, and small appliances tonight..  My job then was put as much as I could into the dishwasher and just do load after load.  Two down and I haven’t even scratched the surface.  Larry had the job of breaking down the boxes and putting all the packing paper into one of the leftover cabinet boxes that will be recycled next week. 

It’s the weekend and the weatherman says it is going to be sunny. 

Saturday was unpacking boxes and putting kitchen stuff somewhere, not necessarily where it will finally go, but emptying boxes and trying to see the rainbow.

We went to church and then it was home to a light relaxing time and more boxes and cleaning.  Its midnight; Cinderella was the belle of the ball but I must be the ugly stepsister because I’m still scrubbing slate tiles dreaming of riding on a Harley tomorrow.

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