Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Southern Sweet Tea Part II

When I was very, very little, my dad would let me drink coffee with him.  My dad drank his coffee black and way back then I didn’t have a problem with that.  Now, I need all the additives to drink coffee--flavored creamer and Splenda to sweeten it.

Last year our daughter Kelly and our one and half year old grandson moved in with us while our son-in-law Kyle was deployed.  The baby is very attached to his papa and they sort of took over the living room each morning to read the paper and have coffee.  The little guy would crawl up on papa’s lap and get his two sips of coffee while they talked and read the paper or played a game on papa’s phone.  Just two sips of coffee that was the limit.

Now you may be wondering what coffee has to do with southern sweet tea.  Kelly and the little guy returned home right before Kyle returned from deployment.  Kelly usually has a batch of sweet tea or sun tea on the counter during the hot months, which would be most of the year, and began filling the little guy’s Sippy cup with iced tea for an afternoon treat.  He would take his sip of tea and say, “coffee.”   It has been almost a year since they returned home but the little guy still has his occasional Sippy of tea in the afternoon and still says, “coffee.”

Kelly said she needed to start him off right learning to drink and appreciate southern sweet tea, part of his heritage. 

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