Monday, July 09, 2012

studio remodel part I

Well the whole house has been painted, updated, remolded, and spruced up except my art studio.  Since the kitchen/multi room expanded remodel took more time and lots more money, my studio will have to wait for new lights to replace the fluorescent ceiling fixtures, a new chandelier to replace a fan that I never use because of paper, trims, gold leafing, threads, etc. layered on most surfaces in my studio.   Someday I would like to replace the old cupboards with a better system from IKEA.  And last but not least would be a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling in a bright white with a metallic shimmer and maybe paint the countertops something other than green.
For now I am starting small by removing art, decorative items, and things that don’t appeal to me anymore.  Phase I of this transformation is a new china hutch that we bought today on Craig’s list.  I will move the chest I have owned since my parents bought it for me in fifth grade to one of the bedrooms upstairs.  The new piece needs a coat of paint to make it more updated shabby chic.  I am going to use the new chalk paint by Annie Sloan that everyone is blogging about because it can be applied directly to the finished surface already on the hutch without sanding, primer, or any other prep work.  I will need to paint the hardware or find a suitable replacement.  I have time to decide on that.
The nice couple we bought the hutch from had already stripped the paint from the hutch which in its former life was green and now is typical oak.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not an oak person and yet there are still several pieces in our home that have yet to be painted or replaced.  More time, more money.  The hutch is going to be “old white” (referred to as lead white but contains no lead).  I didn’t have the heart to tell the sellers after all their hard work stripping the paint off, that I was going to paint it. 
With three clear leaded glass doors on the upper part of the hutch I can now display a small collection of my wooden thread spools and industrial thread/yarn spools.  Photos, collectibles, and treasures will now have a home without dust.  The hutch also has two lights in the top which will be nice to highlight the items displayed on the glass shelves.  The base has six drawers and two doors with shelves to hold art supplies. 
I am excited to begin painting and more excited to see the finished product in my art studio.

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