Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Wonderful Surprise

When everyone realized Larry and I were serious about remodeling the kitchen, Brenda mentioned if I was not keeping the doors on the island she would like to have the chicken.  Well Larry teased her that he was keeping them and hanging them up as art (he knew I didn’t want to keep them).  When the time came to remove the doors we gave them to Brenda.  The smile on her face was all you needed in the way of a thank you, but really I was the one who needed to say thank you to Brenda, because they were out of my house and on to a new life with someone who wanted them.

Fast forward to the kitchen reveal party we had yesterday for friends.  Dave and Brenda arrived with a way too cool reusable shopping bag filled with fun colored tissue paper.  Can you tell I like the wrapping as much as what is in a bag or box?  Think of the art work I can use the tissue paper in and I will be styling when I shop now (because Bellingham has a no plastic/paper unless you pay for it ban).

What was in the bag!  Dave had taken one of the doors, the one with the cow and turned it into a birdhouse.  I was overwhelmed with such a thoughtful gift.  Dave and Brenda had been conspiring and couldn’t even reveal what they were up to on Facebook because they knew I would see the post.  There is even a little tag attached with a ribbon made from a piece of the birdhouse with our name on it.  The birdhouse now sits on the mantle for all to see and for us to cherish.

The words thank you can never say enough for your creativeness, thoughtfulness, and friendship.

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