Saturday, August 25, 2012

Barns...a rich life

My cousin Reta read my blog post on barns and tried to comment.  When blogger would not let her leave a comment, she sent me this note and I wanted to share her thoughts.


Just read your article and enjoyed it but would not let me post comment. You are right!!! We did not have fond memories of farm life for many years because of all the hard work and long days. Also, I always thought we were poor farm kids. We did not have the same things that town kids did and alot of store bought clothes or toys and bicycles. Many years later, I came to appreciate being taught all the hard work and appreciate what I have and not what others have. I also realized that our milk barn was one of the few milk barns around and that all our farm equipment was paid for. We had lots of equipment that other farmers did not have, so Dad did custom work for others for either money or a share of the crops. We had herds of cattle ( dairy and beef), sheep and hogs, not just a few. Instead of bicycles, we had horses!!! As for the hard work and long days, we still found time to go swimming at the spring or just running all over "our" 500 acre park!!! When we built the new house it was paid for with cash, as was everything else was paid for. So we were NOT POOR farm kids!!!  We had a very good life and would not change any of it. And I do have fond memories of all the hard work and play of farm life that town kids will never know. Enjoy reading you articles.  Love Reta

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