Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Act of True Friendship

Everyone talks about friendship and love. We say call me if you need something. I'm always here for you. A lot of the time we know no one will actually ask and if they did we might have to examine what we would really be willing to do for someone else.

The picture is two young women both sophomores in high school, one named Michelle on the right and her friend Chelsey on the left. Chelsey is undergoing cancer treatment and her friends wanted to show her how much the care and love her so they also shaved their heads so she wouldn't feel so alone or different. Chelsey didn't ask her friends to shave their heads; her friends did this because they are real friends. Of the thirty kids who shaved their heads, only three were girls.

This isn't just another one of those internet stories you read about and then check out on to see if it's really real, Michelle and Chelsey are Ferndale High students. I know Michelle and her parents and told them what an incredible act of love and support Michelle has shown.

Art Linkletter always said kids say and do the most amazing things and it's true because they act from their hearts.

Please remember Chelsey in your prayers as she undergoes eight months of cancer treatment and her friends who will need to be mentally strong to support her in the bad days and rough times.

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