Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beach Blanket Bingo

The last time I played bingo was about five or six years ago when we played biker bingo at our HOG chapter Christmas party and we used M&M’s for markers. Other than that I can’t remember when I played bingo which must have been when my children were younger.

The Evergreen Aids Foundation hosts bingo night on the fourth Thursday of each month as a fundraiser. Each month they have a theme and encourage those who attend to dress up. I thought about wearing my bikini top over my sweater because no one is going to see me in my bikini except Larry. Tonight Michael and Ryan were the MC’s for the event. Ryan was wearing plaid surfer beach shorts and a shirt and Michael had on a Polynesian sarong and a shirt and both had their flip flops on.

They rented a Bounce “Round that normally you would find at carnivals and fairs for children to play in. One of their volunteers named Matt crawled inside the bounce and would toss out beach balls that were numbered to correspond to the bingo numbers. This was a cute twist on a typical game.

Dinner was pizza, hot dogs, soda, beer, Annette Fun-I-Jell-o shots, big Kahuna drinks that consisted of peach vodka, triple sec, and strawberry lemonade. I was driving so I had a diet Pepsi to go with my pizza but I did buy the boys Jell-o shots. And a Beach Boys CD was playing surf music that added to the festive décor and brought back memories of my junior high and high school dances.

There were probably forty to fifty people playing bingo and I didn’t win a single game, but I had a lot of fun. The boys made a great comedy team and kept the crowd entertained.

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