Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss Rita's Birthday

Miss Rita had a birthday last Monday and I’m not telling how young she is. Every year she throws herself a party and invites all her family and friends to a salmon barbeque. I’m not sure if everyone shows up because of the salmon dinner or because Rita makes the best potato salad and no one wants to miss out. So Saturday was Rita’s BD party.

I packed up the car and took a cooler of cold beverages, a fruit salad, and a strawberry cheesecake trifle. Miss Angie brought her macaroni salad and there were also hamburgers, fresh crab and salmon, and all the trimmings for a great backyard barbeque picnic.

I arrived a little bit early and had a chance to visit with Rita and her adorable grandbabies before everyone else showed up. It was another one of those rare warm sunny days in Washington and we sat in the shade in the garage with the door up relaxing, talking, and waiting for everyone to arrive.

The Harley group met and took a ride to Mt. Baker before coming to the party and you could here them before we saw them as they pulled into the driveway about one o’clock. I heard rumors that some the members up on the mountain were having a snowball fight--in August no less.

When Rita thought most of the group had arrived, her husband, Dave, fired up the barbeque and the party moved to the backyard. Everyone arranged the chairs in the shade of the trees and those who went to Sturgis shared some of their stories about their two week adventure. The group is still a little tired from the miles and heat but the smiles on their faces let you know it was worth it.

Mark and his band-mate brought their guitars to play and sing for the party. They are an amazing duo with their musical talents. The group sang happy birthday to Rita as she blew out her candles and then the band sang a better rendition of the same tune. This should make her doubly blessed and her wishes really should come true.

Happy Birthday Rita and thank you for sharing your party.

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