Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Great Garage Sale

My sister Mary can always find a bargain no matter where she is traveling--distance is not a problem and Mary can find a way to get her treasures home every time. It’s when she gets them home that has caused her to own several storage sheds in which to keep her “extra” items as she rotates her finds in and out of her home.

With her latest home remodeled she has sort of, kind of, maybe decided to sell a few of these items tucked away in different locations in town. Saturday she had a garage sale number????—even she can’t remember. She has one or two sales a year and she does really well because of her initial bargain shopping; she can make a profit and the buyer always get a fair deal. This is why the dealers also show up at her home at 6:30 AM to get the best items. Mary said she has boxes, bins, and tubs of items given to her that she hasn’t even explored yet for possible sales.

Near the end of the day a lady was looking at some plates and Mary couldn’t figure out how one of her sets of Christmas plates wound up on the table. Her friend Katherine said they belonged to her but that Mary could have them. Mary just laughed and said she already had over one hundred plates stored under her bed. Mary has an annual Christmas party for between eighty and one hundred people every Christmas after the house is decorated and she only uses dishes that match her themes. I told her she better not break the bed or she would cry. Think of the really large mosaic project we could do!

Mom and I went to check out the sale, taking tea and mom’s fresh homemade cookies to Mary and her friends helping her. I strolled around the tables several times to see what was left and what I wanted--not needed. Yes I took home a few of her garage sale items, junk jewelry, rubber stamps, some old wooden thread spools, old seam bindings, and a vintage movie camera complete with leather carrying case. Most of these new treasures will be used in my art projects. I think this is why Mary planned the sale when I was visiting. Look out Larry.

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