Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday 8:00 AM

It’s a good thing Larry ordered the big oversized dumpster.  We get charged based on weight when they dump the load and there is only a tiny bit difference in price from one size to another, so in this case Larry can go first class with the big, giant, enormous green dumpster which is filling up really fast.

The sheetrock is gone in the kitchen and the insulation removed, which will be put on the bathroom wall that backs up to the kitchen pantry when we start construction because new higher “R value” insulation will be put on the outside wall. 

Now the fun part, removing the ugly dropped ceiling, fluorescent tube lighting.  We thought it was just a simple one by four bulkhead frame but turns out this bulkhead was overkill.  Two by eight lumber, notched out to fit over the top plate on the wall studs.  They build this to last but that was before Larry and I bought the house and knew that someday it would be gone.  Bill and Bob had to cut the bulkhead frame into pieces just to get it out of the house and because it weighed so much.  The electrical wiring was not drilled and run through the floor joists, all of the wires were stapled to the joists.  Bill took the fixtures we removed and that is one less thing to dispose of for us.

Bob borrowed neighbor George’s wheel barrow to remove multiple loads of sheetrock and debris out to the dumpster.  The floors are swept and we are ahead of schedule.  The plumber and electrician come Monday and Bob will be here to work on removing the remaining carpet if he doesn’t have another job.  Bill will be finishing up a job started before ours began.  You can’t really have too many trades people in the house at one time or they bump into each other and you get less work done.

So the weekend will be spent looking for a new toilet, a vanity, a sink, and lighting.  Since Tony the plumber found a few problems on his initial inspection, we have to remove the old toilet to replace the seal and why put an inefficient water waster toilet back in.  To remove the toilet to replace the seal we have to remove the carpet….yes I said carpet…the previous owners’ first love was blue and their second love was carpet.  The wall in the bathroom is the backside of the kitchen pantry where all the sheetrock has been removed. If you are going to replace the toilet and flooring, it is time to remove the 1976 vanity with faux marble Formica countertops and brass and porcelain fixtures.  Of course when you put in a proper vanity we need to replace the inside door jamb because it was cut and notched to fit the current vanity.  This is not the way my dad would have built a house.  The end result will be a new kitchen and guest bathroom. 

I know they always say to plan for ten to twenty percent more than the budget calls for to cover unexpected problems.  Let’s pray there are no more surprises. 

The cabinet order has been in for a week and the best case scenario is they will arrive in four more weeks. 

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