Friday, February 03, 2012

One step forward and two steps back...

One step forward and two steps back.  I have had tile samples laid out on the kitchen cabinet for weeks, planning how much we needed for the design.  White two by four subway tiles with a 5/8” mosaic tile in clear glass, white stone, and grays.  Well a change in cabinet color from white to a rich saddle/cigar brown color means the grays won’t be a good match.  Now what?

When we first started looking at flooring and tile I brought home samples for colors and loved one particular tiny subway tile with a crackle finish in white, blue grey, and browns but it was way out of our price range.  I just need color waves to look at.  Well with a little late night internet research I found the tile half price out of Oregon and since it is only an accent to the white subway tiles, I think it might be the one.  But stay tuned because for every time I think we have made a decision something has us rethinking the process.  The accent tile comes in standard size sheets already attached to a backing mesh and each sheet can be cut into three strips of four tiles high.  Whether we set them on the counter top and add the white subway tile above them or break up the subway tile with these in between is yet to be determined.  But a little bling can go a long way if used the right way.

The flooring guy just came  to measure the rooms for the laminate so we can place our order.  Since the product is warehoused in Seattle and is in stock we won’t have to wait weeks to get it.  We choose Bourbon Street Applewood from Sherwin Williams for durability, price, and a recommendation from our friend Bob who is also our painter and installed this in a different color in his home.  A designer for a vendor for the upcoming Whatcom home show was in the store yesterday ordering the same flooring we are ordering and insisted it had to be that exact one.  We made a quick trip down to a spec home in Ferndale where the same flooring had been installed to see what a large area looked like.  Then the floor guy arrived, measured, and as we talked we asked about a similar product we saw at another store.  He also carries this and we will still be under budget from a box store in Seattle that he had considered.  So now we are buying Western Pecan laminate flooring in a 12mm which looks just like the applewood pattern in a ever so slightly, almost unnoticeable darker color…darker just doesn’t seem like the right word to even use…it has a tiny, tiny, touch of a reddish hue.  It sounds confusing but most people would never even notice the difference in color and we changed because it is a upgrade in thickness and durability for a small fraction in difference in price.  Score!  The order is being placed so we took a step back and then moved forward on this one.

The hood vent for the gas cook top is supposed to ship from Los Angeles today.  We will see, since we ordered it eleven days ago.  The company was waiting on their shipment to fill orders. 

Another cabinet cleaned out of unwanted or needed items.  This time it was glasses and coffee mugs.  I have one box to pack and store of special mugs presented to Larry during his years at several universities for service and awards.  One little mug sitting far back in the corner belongs to our daughter Kelly and she has had it since she was little.  Guess this one will go in my studio in one of my many cabinets filled with children’s treasured mementoes that I am storing until they have homes and cabinets where they can store them or use them.  One more box for Goodwill filled with miscellaneous mugs that you just sort of accumulate over time that have no special sentimental value, the over flowing collection of Harley mugs that are the run of the mill give aways that were used when we had Harley meetings at the house or very large parties with lots of coffee drinkers.  A few cups that Ally the cat used as her drinking cups, large bases so she couldn’t tip them over, and now when I look at them I want to cry from missing her so much.

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