Wednesday, February 15, 2012

These are the days of our lives...

The cabinet order was placed yesterday or so we thought.  Troy arrived this morning to pick up a check to pay for the granite slab we have picked out and tell us about the latest cabinet modification for the gas cook top. 

It seems that our European gas cook top is not quit uniform to American made cabinets.  Everything is off by just a fraction and the gas line can’t come from the back, because the cook top takes up almost the whole depth of the cabinet, so it will come from underneath meaning a notch will have to be taken out of the drawers below and the shut off valve will be in another cabinet against the wall.  This means the typical cabinet you would use for a cook top won’t work in our plan.

Troy worked yesterday and today and still has a little more tweaking to do today before he submits our plan to the cabinet company making our cabinets, which has to be today to stay on schedule, or we are another week behind.  We now have furniture drawers under the cook top with several fillers and modifications to make this work.

It seemed too simple in the beginning.  Beautiful gas cook top, built well, good reviews, good quality similar to Viking and Wolf, but cheaper than even the Sears brand.  What could possibly go wrong?  You may wonder why we don’t just send it back.  It has been sitting in our garage in the shipping crate since November and we can’t match the price and value with anything else.

This is where having a good trades person (Troy) to work with is of the utmost importance.  Taking our ideas, our appliances, our cabinet choices, and working with us to make our dream become a reality.  My dad was a master finish carpenter and he would have enjoyed the process we have been going through and I am sure had some expert advice that may have kept us a few steps ahead of where we novices are at now.

Wednesday is the day we begin the deconstruction and reconstruction process, at least that is the plan today.  Larry is going to order the dumpster on Monday that will decorate our driveway for a week or so.

Saturday Larry tackled the garage to clear away items to store and take to the shop or sporting goods room in order to make room for a makeshift table for the microwave that will be our main mode of cooking for the next couple of months.  This was not an easy task since the boxes keep arriving with items for the kitchen.

I cleaned out the file cabinet in the pantry, packed up the cookbooks, packed up seven shelves from the pantry, and took all the throws and art work upstairs to be stored in the guest bedrooms.  The dining room has been rearranged, chairs stacked, and the church pew has been moved in.  We still have room in the dining room for the loveseat and maybe all three chairs from the living room.  The vintage dresser we use in the living room may need to stay put and just get moved around as the new flooring is installed, same for the barrister bookcase.  Larry is taking his old red leather recliner to the sporting goods room and the 1950’s vintage vibrating dentist style chair will probably get moved to the shop for storage. 

I’m almost ran out of boxes I had to make another run to Wal-Mart Sunday afternoon.  I packed most of the china and while I was gone Larry worked on cleaning up the garage…this is a never ending project. 

Wednesday is almost here and I still have fifteen cabinets to go and ten drawers….

As Larry says, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” (Let the good times roll!)

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