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Day 5 and counting down on the other end of the remodel

Day 5 and counting down on the other end of the remodel
It’s Monday and Bill, Tom, Fritz, and Bob are on the job bright and early. The goal is to finish by Friday or at least be almost finished by Friday.
Fritz is working on the electrical but he will still have one more trip to finish the island electrical outlets and hanging chandelier after the cabinets have all been installed. Today he is checking all the outlets, putting the plate covers on them, installing the new bathroom light in the downstairs guest bathroom and our master bathroom. Fritz installed the new flush mount ceiling light in the old dining room which we have decided to call the “nook”. This sounds better than to keep referring to it as the old dining room which not many people remember anyway. We have lights now, bright lights, lights you can see with…no more sixty watt bulbs or fluorescent bulbs with plastic coverings, but one hundred watt bulbs, and halogen bulbs, and high efficiency bulbs. Wow we really are in the twenty-first century now.

Bob is finishing the trim work in the guest bathroom and tomorrow the toilet and sink will be installed. He measured for new trim for the master bathroom and now that the bay window in the nook is visible to the other two kitchen windows since we removed the outdated, non load bearing, dividing wall, we decided to get new trim to update the two windows that have had their trim removed for the remodel.

Before Bill left for the day, he installed the butcher block top for the floating vanity in the guest bathroom in anticipation of Tony finishing the plumbing work in that bathroom tomorrow.

Four days and counting: the pantry cabinets are installed along with the double oven cabinets and the refrigerator panels and cabinet. Now Bill and Tom are putting the peninsula puzzle together. Tony will come back tomorrow to move the gas pipe for the cook top.

I told Larry I should have been saving the old moldings and he could have been making picture frames for me. He laughed and said where would he work to do this. I told him in his makeshift garage kitchen of course. I probably will keep a few pieces to make frames with at a much later date or find some way to incorporate them into a piece of art.

Tony installed the toilet, sink, and faucet in the downstairs guest bathroom and the new faucet in the guest bathroom upstairs. It is starting to feel and look like a home again.

The cabinet for the gas cook top is actually a furniture cabinet and it is beginning to drive Bill and Tom a little crazy try to figure out how to install it. Metric to standard English conversion. English/European design, similar to a Wolf and labeled as, “simply above the rest”. Not sure my crew would agree with this based on installation guides right now; but they do agree it looks nice. They cabinet can be configured two different way for the drawers. We set up the first and agreed that although this did not match the other layout of the drawers, it did match the drawer height of the cabinet it sits next to and will be more stable for this seventy pound cook top.

This is probably more than you really want to know, but this is the history of how our cook top came to be as provided by the manufacture: HypoTheory was established in 1960, in Wandsworth, London by three wealthy restaurant owners/partners; Hymsley Politz,Diana Politz & Theodore Waldorf . Their once successful 3 decade old restaurant chains were not progressing; due to slow service resulting from outdated cooking appliances. They were in need of new kitchen appliances to compete with their competitors & stay in business. Mr. Politz put a call into a well known steel factory in Murano, Italy. They required the steel factory to design all of their appliances by hand and requested that they only obtain the best of internal and external components. Several months later some of the most extravagant & energy efficient; high end quality sets of ovens & ranges arrived. The pioneers wanted the local town to be able to see the very cooking equipment their food was made on. All twelve restaurant chains; underwent serious renovations. Beautiful large windows and professional lighting were constructed so that potential customers driving by would be attracted to the restaurant and view all of the culinary chefs cooking. This became a form of entertainment for the town of Wandsworth. The pioneers decided that the very cooking equipment that brewed hundreds of pots a day, and fed hundreds of people a day should be offered to all households, for clean and efficient quality cooking. Our pioneers; opened a new business by the name of Global Investor Solutions Ltd, now currently Global Investor Solutions, LLC.

From 1961-1965, HypoTheory cooking ovens/ranges were very costly for Europe’s existing market. The partners were unable to lower the price, since the ovens/ranges cost two times more to manufacture then their competitors’ due to the high end quality that internally still is entailed in all of their appliances. In 1965 the pioneers sold their 35 year old restaurant chains; and invested their profits & life savings into HypoTheory.

The partners; began to offer their inventory to competing restaurant chains that were in desperate need of top quality cooking modules. They paid top dollar for the marvel of kitchenware offered.

After their first major batch of inventory sold out; the partners sat down with their existing factories in Murano, Italy, along with some of Italy’s most world renown chefs to develop an external & internal quality design and structure that would serve conveniently to its market area. Their objective was to surpass all of their competitors, yet still be able to sell to the general public at affordable pricing. This transformation of cooking appliances likely played a large role in the cooking revolution. HypoTheory appliances were used in some of the most prestigious restaurants and culinary art schools across Europe, including Emilia-Romagna, Italy. One of the most world renowned, culinary regions.

In, 1968; HypoTheory; consisted of 230 employees & underwent major distribution deals with every major appliance retail store across Europe. They became a household name in less than a decade. “The talk of the kitchen”, their reputation suggested. The pioneers made a vow, that their appliances would always possess three great qualities, or never be manufactured: Longevity, beauty & quality! This is where they possessed the reputation of being, “Simply Above The Rest”. Their brand has been scientifically proven to be superior to any other cooking appliance in the world. Unlike other gas cooking brands that supply cheap copper soldered components, HYPOTHEORY supplies advanced quality inlet copper threaded tubing, to easily allow your appliance to obtain maintenance after 20 to 30 years of ownership via a technician without having to set flames to re-solder the internal components. This patented copper inlet tubing technology provides a longer lasting and more convenient way to access your device if it is in need of repairs 20 years from now, it ensures your appliance lasts as long as you! Your conventional brand does not guarantee longevity. In order to repair any vital gas related internal components with the standard brand you will ruin the exterior of the device by having to cut it open and solder, not giving it that same luxury look afterward. It is important to ask your brand holder the way their internal components are designed, after all this is the most important thing when investing in a cooking appliance, quality! They perform various observations on all merchandise prior to production with highly educated engineering groups.

In, 1974-1978, the elderly pioneers, sold private shares with the assistance of large investment firms via private shares to various venture capitalist and investment banking firms. After a 51% buyout, the Politz & Waldorf officially resigned their chair member positions.

In 1978-1989, Hypotheory began to expand its regional territory to Australia. It took a very long time to become recognized due to amateur marketing. The president of the board at the time, did not have much faith in investing marketing dollars in Australia. There were a lot of grandfathered-in brands in this region. They did not foresee a large return. Although, high-end appliances; eventually make a name for themselves. As the talk of the kitchen went on over the years, people began to develop a large degree of respect for this brand, and eventually accepted it.

In 1994-2007, HypoTheory continued its journey to success; to North America. They developed large networks of distributors. The distributors were eager to showroom the brand appliances, due to affordable pricing & high end quality.

At present, HypoTheory, appliances are currently designed by retired world renown culinary chefs/engineers in Emilia-Romagna, Italy and manufactured under two large factories in Emilia-Romagna, Italy & Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine, then distributed throughout North America, Europe & Australia. Although, HypoTheory, currently does not hand make its internal components to stay in compliance with local governments, as they did a half a century ago, they still do individually design each one of their models with the assistance of world renown culinary chefs, and instill the legacy its pioneers have set. To offer longevity, beauty & quality all in one, and ensure they truly do stay, “Simply above the rest”.

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Unknown said...

Just wondering if you are still happy with your Hypotheory rangetop? Do you have photos after the installation?

I am considering purchasing one but would like feedback from someone who actually has one installed and has cooked on it for awhile.

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