Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sheetrock...gotta love it.

Wednesday we were back on schedule, sort off. Bill and Bob are finishing up another job and after calling it quits, again working in the freezing cold with rain and snow forecast, they are back in warmer working conditions in our home. They didn’t get a lot done because the snow really started to fall and it was only going to get worse as the day moves into evening.

Thursday the guys are working to the beat of the music…so I guess that means I keep the radio station playing something that has a good beat (hammer/drill) and you can dance to it (move quickly).
When Fritz was doing the electrical he had a question one day about the light fixture over the kitchen island. Rather than try and describe it to him, I just got on the computer and went to Pinterest and showed him what it looked like and then linked over to the manufacturer for detailed information. Bookmarking is so much easier with Pinterest which is visual.

I like it
I love it
Pin it
Broach, brooch, stickpin
Tie down, takedown, peg
Marker, peg, ID #
Pivot, tenpin, kingpin
No, no, no
Pin it!
Bookmark it!
My computer your browser
Web links
Electronic pointers
A portal
Stuck in a folder
Floating around
Pin it I said
A visual pinboard
Collect and share
Follow and be followed
You create it
You manage it
You see it
A portfolio
A design board of inspiration
Showcase and curate
Like, comment, repin
Let me in please
Then let others in
Bucket list, favorites
Must have…
Clothes, jewelry, shoes
for the….
Home, bath, bed, kitchen
Read it, cook it
Be inspired by it
Art, DIY, fabric
Paint, photos, beads
Typography, illustration
A board for everything
Wood, stage, fence
I don’t think so
Directors who supervise
Not even close
Ship shape
Wrong again
No Pinterest is front and center
Not covered up
Out of the middle ages
On display for all to see
Stand out
Name the board be creative
Tell your family, tell your friends
Share it on your blog
Update your status on Facebook
Have fun
Give credit
Respect and honor
Diversity of beauty
Day dreaming
It’s a Pinterest day
I like it
I love it
I pinned it

Okay back to Thursday’s work progress. Sheetrock encloses the guest bathroom and sandwiched in between the layers is a layer of insulation. The wall that backs the refrigerator, double ovens and new hutch style cabinets is sheet rocked and looking really good. The insulation is up on the outside wall and going up fast in the ceiling between the floor joists. Spray foam has been used to seal all leaks and Bill plugged the outside of the house where the plumbing and water lines were changed. Good thing we have extra paint left over from when Bob painted the house a few years ago.

Bill said “I’ve been in a lightning storm now I’m waiting for the thunder.” This was after I had my handy dandy camera out snapping pictures of the kitchen progress….no disappointment here. I still need to get a video of Bill dancing around the kitchen but Bob asked if I had ever seen Bill dance and said he would vote to veto this idea. I if get caught slacking on my photography duties, I get a little reminder comment from the crew.

At the end of the day all the walls except one small section have been sheet rocked. Lots of precision cuts around plumbing and sewer pipes and electrical outlets but the sheet rock is a tight fit and looks really nice. Tomorrow Bill and Bob will finish the wall and the ceiling which will be much harder working overhead. This is one tough job to do. The house already feels warmer.

The best news of the day is our cabinets have arrived. Three weeks after placing the order, a really complicated order for some of the pieces, they are here. The bad news is WFP would like to deliver them and we have no where to put them. The joke all day has been we have cabinets, no pressure Bill…but we have cabinets. This surprised Bill as much as it did us, but how exciting. Now the pressure is on to finish the sheet rocking, paint, install the cabinets, etc…

Just before leaving the house to have dinner with friends the UPS truck arrived and the driver had our new Super Human ten gallon garbage can. Yay! Why so excited over a garbage can? It has a soft opening and won’t hit the countertop when it opens; it has soft close so it won’t just clash and bang; and it is stainless steel fingerprint proof.

At dinner as we were leaving Marla said our new theme song should be the O'Jays, For The Love of Money, or: Brother Can You Spare a Dime, The Money will Roll Right In, Take the Money and Run. If I had a Million Dollars, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, Money (That’s What I Want). Maybe one of these songs will be on the radio tomorrow as Bill and Bob are working on the kitchen.

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