Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Step by step

Slowly, step by step, inch by inch…wait that is the beginning of mythological scary story. Our story goes like this: Thursday Bill is still mudding, feathering, and double checking the walls and ceiling. Friday is pretty much a repeat of Thursday. Our walls and ceiling are a little out of plumb, no surprise there, so it takes a little more effort to make them look like they are. Bill will come back on Saturday to put another layer of mud on several places.

Bill has also been taping and mudding the guest bath and a small patch in my studio. The guest bath had the ugly sort of paper wallboard wall that backed the panty that we removed and was replaced by new sheetrock. The wall the mirror hung on and the wall for the light switch looked more like outside stucco than interior finish work. Bill has been applying skim coats of mud to even the walls out so we will have one texture not several.
Saturday morning Bill arrived to apply one more coat on top of one more coat. Monday he will finish up and begin sealing off the area for the texture guys to come in late Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning to match the slight texture of the existing walls. That is if all goes as planned and we know how that goes.

Close, we are so close to being done with this phase of the remodel and then we are ready to start the finish work. Paint, floors, slate, cabinets, granite, appliances, more plumbing and electrical, trim….sweep, say a prayer, and begin cooking.

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