Friday, October 02, 2009

09-29-09 Tuesday

09-29-09 Tuesday

Four weeks ago today, Kyler was born. Kelly and I went to the hospital early today to drop off more milk. They are increasing the amount they give Kyler every nine hours and fee him every three hours.

He looks so peaceful and rested. He tries to open his eyes when Kelly talks to him but sleep wins out. We stayed for about half an hour before we left.

Costco for groceries and then it was home for a rest.

Kelly and Kyle put Kyler’s crib together and grandma supervised. The new rug for Kyler’s room is down, the baby clothes are washed and put away just waiting for Kyler to come home.

We took a CPR class at the hospital tonight and the instructor also covered care seat installation.

Baby Kyler was stretching and looking at his mom and dad as Kyle read to him. Kelly ran her finger tips across his little head and down his cheek

Kyle changed Kyler’s diaper and the nurse took his temperature and weighed him. 4 pounds 3 ½ ounces. He is almost out of milk again so Kelly and I will make an early morning run again tomorrow.

The nurse swaddled Kyler up and let Kelly hold him for about 45 minutes. I left the three of them alone for a little while. I went back to the nursery and got to kiss baby Kyler goodnight on the top of his little head. 2 kisses. Sweet dreams baby boy.

Kyle has to be at work early so he went to bed and Kelly set up the diaper Jeannie and I took the stroller out of the box and she put the all pieces together. She likes putting things together and doing things for her son is important. Now all those cardboard boxes are in the garage waiting for recycle day next Monday.

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