Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Kyler

Kyler is now 5 pounds, nursing from a bottle, wearing t-shirts, sleeping in an open bassinet, and had his air tube removed.  He does not like being burped.  He is healthy, happy, and his mom and dad can hardly wait until he can leave the NICU unit and they can take him home.

My heart is in Las Vegas with my grandson Kyler, my daughter Kelly, and my son-in-law Kyle and art is sort of the last thing I have been thinking about is art.

Scrapbooking is not my comfort level but due to unforseen events, it looks like I am back to designing the scarpbook pages for the girls at GRADS.  I havea to give the Mt. Baker Chapter Harley Owners Group Ladies of Harley a big thank you for supporting the GRADS program by donating the money to purchase the scrapbook materials each month for 18 girls.  Their teacher Patty has told me I need to do a page for Kyler each month like she does for her twin grandson.  Maybe this will motivate me to  get more creative.  I hope.

I'll post a picture after we have our class in two weeks. 

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