Friday, October 02, 2009

09-30-09 Wednesday

9-30-09 Wednesday

I took Kelly to the base hospital to take care of some of her insurance paperwork. Kyle called and said we could come out to the flight line to see where he works.

I saw the base commander on his way to pick up the Saudi prince, whose jet was sitting on the tarmac. The prince was going to get a personal tour of the base, just like me, well sort of. If anyone saw Top Chef in Las Vegas they had an episode at Nellis AFB this year and some of the people Kyle works with and the base commander were on the show. I saw the Blue Thunderbirds, the Red Horse Squadron, and way too many different types of jets and planes for me to remember. Kyle demonstrated with several of his co-workers a 60K tunner loader used to load and unload pallets of supplies onto the planes. It was fun to see where Kyle works and see how vast the base is.

Kelly and went to the hospital to see baby Kyler who was very content lying in his bassinet with a full tummy. He is now taking 35cc of milk. Kelly changed his diaper, took his temperature, and he slept thorugh it all. Kelly kissed him good-by and we left.

I dropped Kelly at Hooters Casino to take care of her work insurance paperwork and then we stopped at Lowe’s to find a few things to fix up the house. Kelly fixed salad and French bread for dinner.

When Kyle came home he had deep pink roses for Kelly. He is so sweet to her. And he had a card for me. Gotta love the boy. He loves my daughter, gave me a beautiful grandson, and calls me mom.

Kyle helped us hang the wooden letters spelling out Kyler’s name above his crib.

I checked in for my flight on line. I am taking Kelly’s wedding dress home with me to hang in her closet. Two suitcases, one inside the other. It all fits. Kyle came and gave me a kiss good-bye because he will leave for work before I get up in the morning.

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