Monday, April 06, 2009

Auctions...Part II Herman Mille 4H Program

Last Saturday night Larry and I attend an auction to benefit the Herman Miller 4H Park. Our friends Dave and Dawn Johnson have been a part of 4H since their children were young and even though their children are now grown, they continue to support the 4H program.

Each year an auction is held to raise money to complete the buildings and grounds. The Northwest Washington Fair Expo Building in Lynden was filled with rows of tables filled with items that started at a $1.00. A live auction would follow later in the evening.

Larry and I opted to have a chili dog and soda for dinner before we got down to the business of checking out the tables. We found a spot at the back of the room where we could later have a good view of who we might be bidding against if we found something we wanted to bid on.

Our friends Brian and Nita who are both involved with the 4H program were there, also. Nita was planning on bidding on a Harley coat in the live auction. (Yes she won.)

We placed our bidding number on several items in the silent auction and then sat back down and splurged by splitting a piece of two layer chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. The size of the cake slice could have fed four people.

The live auction was about to begin and we had checked out the items, circled the items we were interested in and we were ready to bid. We lost a couple, let several go, but in the end we think we had the best items of the evening, at least to us.

We were the high bidders on the silent auction table for a gift certificate we will use for dog food; Nothing for the cat, but maybe Ally won’t notice.

Larry won the auction for a one half hour parachute plane ride over Whatcom County when the weather warms up. He has already talked to the gentleman who donated the ride and Larry is excited as he has never done this before.

The second item we won is an all day guided fishing trip for two on either the Skagit River or the Snohomish River. The gentleman donating this trip even offered a third option to Canada fishing. Larry takes a one week fishing trip each year and since we got married that has been the extent of his fishing. This auction item will be a real treat for him.

The fourth item we won is from Devine Gardens. Starting in mid May we will pick up a 30-40 pound box of vegetables at the Ferndale Farmers Market each Saturday through mid October. This was the first year that this item had been offered and I thought it was just amazing. We doubled checked that this was not a typo and really was 30-40 pounds each week. We won. Larry looked at me and reminded me that he doesn’t even really like vegetables. I told him he would learn to love them. Vegetable soup, sautéed, steamed, grilled, etc. Of course we will share with Michael and Ryan and Larry’s mom. If we are out of town on a Saturday, we will need the boys to pick up the vegetables or, as a back up, ask someone from our small group to pick them up and share. I can hardly wait until the market opens and we see what our first box holds as a surprise for us.

We wrote a check, collected our winning sheets and thanked our friends for telling us about the auction. The winning bidders not only took home a prize but helped a very worthwhile project that helps children have a safe place to ride their horses.

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