Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Ribbon Ring

I saw this ribbon organization system months ago on a website but could not find it locally. After CHA, Stampadoodle and the Paper Cafe began stocking the ribbon ring and I bought one the first day they were available.

I spent the next day organizing my ribbons by color and emptying glass canning jars filled with clothes pins wrapped in ribbon. The garbage can filled up as I opened drawers full of ribbon spools and worked on my new system. Vintage ribbons and seam bindings all have a new home where they can be seen an appreciated. I had forgotten I owned so many ribbons because they were tucked into so many different places and now the ribbons are dazling hanging on their tabs from an O ring on the back of a closet door in my studio. The only ribbons not hanging on this system are short pieces that are wound onto embroidery cards in a plastic see through fishing tackle box.

I am now going to order the jumbo size that holds 2" ribbons and wonder what to do with all the space the ribbons have vacated. The only problem I had with this system, is that my husband watched me pull my stash of ribbons out to organize and and sat in stunned amazement at my collection.

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