Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New Computer

Saturday night at 10:43 PM and I had the very basics of my computer up and running. You think if a computer technician copied everything from you old computer that he would then install it on the new computer. Well in a perfect world that would happen, but not in my world.

So I got home Saturday night expecting to just hop onto my new computer and get acquainted with the new features. No email. I could receive email but couldn’t send anything. About two hours later and we finally had it working, well sort of. Now while we were trying to make the email system work, we discovered the printer didn’t like the new computer. After several tries and the security software finally being told enough times that yes it was okay to allow a change we could print. Good thing because my EBay auctions just closed on Friday and I had to print packing slips and postage.

I opened up IE7 and clicked on my favorites to find an empty folder. I seem to have a folder on the drive with all my old computer information on it, but it is just sitting there waiting to be installed. Not so fast. I can’t download updates because it wants to put the updates in my personal folders and not the program files. Why? Well it seems my computer was set up and I am not the administrator. It’s a funny thing to own a computer but have no control over it. Good thing Larry was in charge of dealing with asking why instead of me on Monday morning.

All those programs I have that help me do my art work and keep me organized are all waiting to be installed one by one by guess who. No, that isn’t going to happen. Seems most of my editing programs are 32bit and my new system is 64bit so I need to search out and buy an editing program.

The screen is great. I can have two word documents up at the same time. The screen is HD so the colors are vivid and the sound system is amazing.

Well the tech arrives within minutes to do all that should have been done before last Saturday. Cross my finger, knock on wood, and several hours from now I will be a much happier puppy as Larry says it.

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