Wednesday, June 14, 2006

25 Candles

June 13th, 2006

Michael has been laughing at me for weeks.  The fact that he turned twenty-five today had me feeling a little tense.  Michael asked if I worried when Jim turned 25 and I said no.  Maybe because Michael was living in Oregon when he turned twenty-one and I couldn’t be there has made this birthday more important.  I know I will not always be able to be there for each of my children’s birthdays, but my heart will always be with them.  

I sent an e-card to Michael that he would find when he got to work in the morning and Larry and I took Michael and Rob out to dinner at Du Jour Bistro in Bellingham.  The restaurant is owned by Michael and Rob’s friends and our waiter was another friend.  It was a special evening of good food with those we love.  Just when we thought it was time to leave, we were tempted with dessert.  Michael being oh so good, orders a grapefruit sorbet, Larry decided to refrain, and Rob and I ordered the decadent chocolate pâté.  Funny thing was when the goodies arrived; Rob and I both took a bite of the sorbet while Michael and Larry had to taste the chocolate.  And to top off the evening Michael and Rob’s friend brought the lavender crème Brule to sample.  

Rob left wheat free, sugar free muffins in Michael’s car for him to find as a surprise when he left for work today.  Then Rob had lilies delivered to Michael at work.  

Michael is a vegetarian and also refrains from eating sugar, dairy products, and wheat products for the most part.  He does however have a few weaknesses and I took advantage.  Michael can look at a cake and with his will power say no.  The butter cream frosting is his downfall.  So like a good mom I went to Albertsons and bought a tub of butter cream frosting because it is his favorite.  I also bought graham crackers, strawberries, and whipped cream, three of his other weaknesses.  I couldn’t find the white Toblerone chocolates or I would have bought a half dozen of those also.  

Birthday presents.  We are waiting because Michael just qualified for a home loan and is searching for his first place.  He is thinking maybe mom and Larry will buy paint and make his new house a home with the colors he loves.

Michael, my baby
My son, my friend
25 years of
Keeping me on my toes
You asked why
I didn’t always have answers
I let you go to learn to fly
You soared above your dreams
I look at you in wonder
Trying to imagine
the next 25 years

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