Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life
By Billie Marrs

Paint, mesh fabric, gold leaf, old jewelry, craft wire, fish hook, found objects, upholstery tacks, silver tape, hand-made paper mosaic tiles, ribbon, fishing swivels, curtain chain, shrink plastic, liquid gold leaf all went onto the wooden fish to make her come to life.

Said the momma fishy to the nest of eggs
My cycle of life is at an end
You must remember where you were born
Breathe deeply of this fresh water stream
Then navigate carefully to the deep blue sea
Swim to the secret places of our ancestors
In time you too will return to complete the cycle

Five baby fishes, Jacks and Jennies
Leaped and jumped playing hide and seek
Down the streams and rivers
Singing the life song that their momma once sung

Swim fast, play hard, life is short, the cycle repeats

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