Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Anniversary

June 14th.  Eight years and counting.  When Larry and I married I made him promise me 50 happy years.  42 more to go and then we can renew our vows.

Some women think their husband, boyfriend, partner is romantic, others dream of a guy like mine.  Larry and I met through email.  Not a blind chance meeting, but arranged for us by my sister Mary and his sister-in-law Jeanne, both of whom lived near me in California.  

After two weeks Larry had yellow roses delivered to me.  I’m not a woman who had received flowers in my previous life, so this was a surprise, and since then yellow roses have held a special place in my heart.  The first year we were married, Larry brought me a dozen yellow roses and one red rose.  Every year he adds one more red rose to my bouquet.  The first year I also received one real rose dipped in gold and a dozen yellow porcelain roses.  Since then, Larry gives me a new gold rose every anniversary.

When Larry went to pick up my flowers the florist asked him about his order for only twenty roses.  Larry explained about the red and yellow roses and then she told him I know about you.  Seems he is famous for his romantic flower order each year.

Today was a quiet day because my guy was sick.  I had planned to take him to his favorite place to eat chicken wings--The Longhorn Saloon--but we will celebrate another day, cruising down Chuckanut Drive on our Harley toward lunch at the Longhorn.

The most important part of the day is that we have each other.

Snookums I love you, forever and ever, body and soul.

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