Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hotdogs, get your hotdogs at the road kill cafe

Saturday June 17th was the 8th annual Harley-Davidson Bellingham bike show.  The shop provides hotdogs and drinks and lets the Ladies of Harley cook and hand them out for donations to benefit our GRADS charity.  Tips and donations have ranged from $500 to $700 dollars in past years.  

It was slightly overcast when I got out of bed at 7:00 AM with the sun trying to shine through.  I grabbed a jacket, flyers, tip-jar, and I was out the door.

The HOG group was leading a breakfast ride at 9:00 AM with a t-shirt fundraiser for our scholarship charity so the riders were already arriving to register and help set up.

Angie, Cis, Susan S., Jeannie, Susan A., and I finished getting our booth ready and taking a breather to relax before the crowds showed up and the real work began.  About 10:30 AM we started the hotdogs and by 11:00 AM we were in full swing.  The guys returned from the breakfast ride and Mike and Doug took over the cooking duties.  This year Mike and Doug initiated Ken into their private domain as male cooks.

Michele and Chris arrived back from the breakfast ride to help out and Shelia and Sherry also arrived.  During the day Bonnie and Rita also helped out.  As busy as we got there was always time to laugh and joke.  Cis took a break to sit with her hubby, Mike, and just about that time the ladies all got into the swing of the music and we had our own little line dance going on.  Rumor has it there is a picture of this but it has yet to surface.

I’m not sure we gave away more hotdogs than last year; I just think people were more generous.  You kind of feel like a carnival hawker, “Get your hotdogs and cold drinks here…” Or maybe a the concessionaire at a baseball or football game.  

Roger just happened to have the “road kill trophy” on his bike and we sat it up on the table, and the hotdog booth became the “road kill café.”  Were those beef hotdogs or were they mystery meat road kill?  It brought a laugh from those hearing us hawking a road kill hotdog or a mystery meat hotdog from the road kill café.

The guys also did their part during the day registering bikes, helping with a little security, and entering their bikes in the show.  Sky and Dave both own new trophies and Jeannie won her second 1st place award for her custom trike.

Thanks to Jeannie, Mike, and Rita for showing up with their food handlers license.  Thanks also to Harry, Rick, Larry, Mike, Dave, Joe, Jerry, and Bob for all their hard work.

I’m not sure of the exact number of hotdogs passed out or the number of cold sodas and water we distributed but the Ladies of Harley set an all time record with tip money, $972.  The money will be used to purchase school supplies, emergency lunch food, art supplies, diapers, and some extras for Christmas bags for their babies.

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